Flotation-systems for effective cleaning of wastewater. Especially they are used for removal of suspended solids and oil/fat. In the processs of cleaning the water, microbubles are used. These microbubbles attach to the particles and bring them to surface. Aquarden flotation plants creates the micro-bubbles using an efficient multiphase pump technology in combination with selfcleaning nozzles. The bubbles are formed by a turbine pump, on/off with no adjustments. The pump is energy efficient compared to traditional production of dispersion water. No compressor is needed. By special designed nozzles the bubbles are created and injected directly into the . The design gives an extra long mixing period between bubbles and water. A scraper skims the surface when needed. The system cannot get clogged.
Flotation units in all sizes, from small pilot units to large scale installations (>80 m3/h). We produce the units either in plastic (PE) or in stainless steel. All units are equipped with Nikuni turbine pums and our patented nozzles.