AirTURBO™ RV2 MGE is a sub-surface aerator developed by Eden Aquatech for oxygen-poor water environments. The aerator has been continuously improved and developed over the years from the 1990th. After more than 200 installations in Scandinavia our technology is well proven and very successful. Innovative technology enables high oxygenation and low operating costs. AirTURBO™ is built to withstand tough environments, it's easy to install and maintain and even to move around if neccesary.

AirTURBO™ RV2 MGE, offers:
Low operating costs - Thanks to the design of the impellor and the IE5 classified MGE motor. With the IE5 features of the MGE motor the energy demand is reduced by up to 50%. At normal operation the energy consumption is approx. 2,5-3.0kW.
More efficient aeration - For each operating hour 52m³ of pure atmospheric air is supplied and distributed with great efficiency beneath the water surface in a large volume of water. The capacity of oxygen addition is more than 90kg O2 per day based on measurements in test tank (SOTR).
Low maintenance costs - Thanks to the IE5 classified MGE motors unique features, such as Soft start and Self-regulating speed in relation to load, in combination with the AirTURBO™ RV2 robust construction minimizes maintenance cost.
Remote Management via IoT - As an option we offer the opportunity to monitor and remote control the aerator via IoT. Operating changes and energy consumption can be tracked and documented for optimal operation.
  • 52m³ / hour
  • 2,5-3,0kW
  • 90kg O2 / day at 20°C (SOTR)
  • Energy reduction 50%
  • Remote Management
Process industries
Restoration of streams, ponds and lakes Fish farms etc.