Meeting your industry’s wastewater challenges

We offer complete wastewater treatment solutions from A-Z

Each industry is confronted by its own wastewater challenges and requirements. Businesses are under constant pressure to improve wastewater purification methods as well as their own financial performance. More and more companies are forced to comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations and industry best practices. This is where Eden Aquatech can help.

As a total solution provider in sustainable treatment of problematic wastewater we deliver consultancy, turnkey systems and services. We assist our customers in achieving their specific targets regardless of whether they look for a solution that removes hardly-degradable pollutants, complies with present and future environmental legislation, reduces treatments costs, or reuses resources (energy and water).

Pharmaceutical & biotech
Dealing with toxic and hardly-degradable API’s.


Destroying organic compounds and surfactants.

Metal surface treatment
Precipitating heavy metal in wastewater streams
Reusing process water decreases the use of water.

The processes of exploration and refining.

Other industries

Eden Aquatech service other industries.

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